#209 – What are Safe Contraceptive Methods ?

Today all sorts of Chemical based Contraceptive methods lead to many complications like Heart Disease and Cancer by altering ones hormonal balance. Andreas talks about how one can avoid these side effects by understanding the biological cycles and also understanding and harnessing the power of ones intent.

#208 – How To Stop Smoking

There are many benign and natural methods to quit smoking, that help you get to the point where you don’t need to smoke, where you don’t feel attracted or tempted to smoke.

You can use your addiction to become self-empowered. The next time you open a packet of cigarettes and bring one close to your mouth, you can tell yourself “I’m in charge here, the cigarette is my mouth, but I have the power to light it or not light it…”

#207 – Andreas Moritz – Round Table Discussion on Cancer

Cancer is not really a disease; it’s an outer reflection on some kind of an awakening that’s happening inside. Most of the experiences that people have with regard to cancer are very, very personal or subjective and awakening can happen on all levels: mind, body, spirit… many areas of life that have not been tackled before are opened up, many people experience their own self-empowerment.

Every single cancer is completely unique, it is based on certain unique causes, and the causes, in my opinion, are never negative for negative is not far from the positive…

#206 – Thinking You Need Anything To Be Happy Is An Illusion

It is of upmost importance for any kind fulfilling relationship to put yourself first. When you love and accept yourself the way you are others will love and accept you the way you are. Putting oneself first is the best way of giving to others. Once you are able to do that you will also receive from others the maximum you can receive from the world around you.

#205 – You Are Mistaken if You Think That People Dislike You

Many people think that other people don’t like them but in truth, this has absolutely no value.

We feel not liked when there is something inside of us that we don’t like. It’s not that others don’t like us, but it’s something that we are trying to keep from them, or we are trying to defend ourselves from an attack or criticism from others, and when we do that, we’re basically protecting some kind of a negative feeling that we have of ourselves, onto others, onto the outside world, and other people pick that up.

#204 – Sharing your Love is your true Purpose of Life

Many people wonder why they are here and what their mission is in life. I cannot answer that question directly but I can perhaps shed some light on why we are here collectively as well as individually.

Just as the cells of a body that collectively hold the body together, we are collectively holding the planet together, to allow the planet to move up a notch in integrity, joy, and beauty. Collectively we are allowing the planet to have a direct conscious interaction with all the beings to lift us up into a different dimensional experience that is not purely three dimensional, but four dimensional, and eventually fifth dimensional.

#203 – Learning How To Say NO

You don’t hurt other people. People hurt themselves.

If someone feels offended by what you say to them, if you deny them a request that they have of you, if they have an expectation of you, then it is actually in their best interest that you say no to them.

Fulfilling people’s expectations is leaving them in a state of insecurity and inability and weakness and inadequacy. You are helping them by telling them no in a kind, natural manner so that they can move on in their own lives. Trying to get help and assistance from others denies your capacity or ability to help yourself.

#202 – Eating Nuts will help you Lose Weight

Many people believe that nuts are responsible for weight gain, so many shy away from eating nuts. I can tell you that the opposite is true; not eating nuts will most likely cause you to gain weight, while eating nuts will cause you to lose weight. There are many wonderful things in nuts that your body requires. People who consume nuts on a regular basis experience a reduction of weight, waist circumference, and body fat. The risk for heart disease, cancer and diabetes gets dramatically lower by consumption of nuts.

#201 – Why Butter is Not a Cause of Heart Disease

Cholesterol is not a risk factor for heart disease. There is no link between high cholesterol and coronary artery disease. Butter itself is actually now known to be protective of the heart. There should be no concern about eating fats unless of course you cannot digest them or they are damaged or rancid fats.
It’s important to understand there is a difference between good wholesome fats like natural organic butter and fats that are unnatural like margarine which are extremely damaging for the heart, for the entire cardiovascular system and the kidneys.